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Dental Implants: Chewing Functionality


Dental implants are replacements in teeth or dentures that are anchored to the gums via metal posts or titanium roots. A dental implant is typically a metal or ceramic post that interfaces with your gums or jawbone to support a dental appliance like a denture, bridge, crown, or orthodontic cement. These implants are commonly used to replace missing teeth like molars and wisdom teeth. They are also used to fasten dentures to the jaw bone, for patients who have lost them due to a number of circumstances such as accidents, disease or severe decay.


Before undergoing a procedure like this, you should discuss the procedure with your dentist. You should understand the pros and cons of the procedure before you decide to undergo it. Bear in mind that dental implants are not considered a low-risk procedure for the body because there is no bone inside the prosthodontic socket. It is important that you consult your dentist for more information on the benefits and risks of the procedure. Another important factor to consider is the type of implant and the period of the procedure. This is to ensure that you get the best results in the shortest time period possible.


The most common form of dental implants may be dental bridges. It consists of two crowns that are fused onto a post. If one of them breaks, the other one takes its place. The dental implants may also be placed inside the jaws through implant placement in gum grafts and cheek tissues. Can gum recession grow back?


When there is a loss of a tooth, the best option available is to use dental implants to achieve a good-looking smile. You may opt to get the replacement that looks similar to your natural teeth. However, if your jaw bone is not strong enough, then it will only be easy for the artificial tooth to slip out of place.


It is important to have dental implants as they help in boosting your confidence and improve your self-esteem. You need to be physically and psychologically fit to wear artificial teeth. Moreover, you must have sufficient bone structure in your jaws to support the artificial teeth. On the other hand, dentures are best used when the jawbone of your main tooth has completely decayed or when the natural teeth have grown loose. These dentures look and feel like real teeth and can be cleaned easily. Visit this website at http://edition.cnn.com/2015/12/09/health/dont-fear-dentist-visits/ for more info about dentist.


Dental implants are the best way of coming back into action a broken tooth. They can also be used in situations when there is a complete loss of a single tooth. If your single tooth is missing, you can go for dental implants to restore chewing functionality. You can have either a removable or fixed implant depending on the configuration and the strength of your jaw. There are different implants for different needs. You should discuss with your dental implant dentist in philadelphia pa which one is the best for you.